Hello! Welcome to my page. :D

I am Xin Ge (葛鑫), currently a PhD candidate at the Zhejiang University.

I'm a design learner who wants to capture the immersive experience. Interests: HCI design, VIS design.

E-mail: xinge@zju.edu.cn

Chinese Color Libraries Browser

Xin Ge, Xiaojiao Chen (Instructor), Xiaosong Wang (Instructor)
Information is Beautiful Awards 2023 · Arts, Entertainment & Culture (Silver)

Echoes of Ancient China

Xiaojiao Chen (Instructor), Xin Ge, Lilianping Li, Liantong Yin, Zhuqing Wang, Jiayi Zhang
IEEE PacificVis 2022 · Poster (Best poster)

Active Viewing the Audio-Visual Media

Xin Ge, Jiahuan Zhou, Tian Miao, Xiaojiao Chen (Instructor), Xiaosong Wang (Instructor)
Zhejiang Art Museum (Exhibitor)